About Us

Hansen Scale was founded in 2006 Ningbo,China, we are one of professional scales manufacturer,We began to manufacture Weighing scales and Couting scales at firstly,The high quality,better price good design of our products was soon recognized and trusted by our customers, and our market gradually expands to all of World.

As Market demands continue and changes, Development,Promoted of products,in order to expand our company's horizon, we invested in manufacturing platform scales,Retail scales,Weighing Indicator and High precision balance etc.

In 2006-2012years,More than 15 HANSEN Scale products have received CE certifications from MOST COMPLIANCE LABORATORY department. In 2012 year,HANSEN Scale has received the Production Assessment Certificate from France's  BV. And the same year received the CQC Quality Systems certificate.

After years of hard work and endeavors, HANSEN Scale is proud to pronounce that we have first rate employees, excellent quality control, outstanding research and development team; has becoming the OEM,ODM partner of world's prominent brand names. As of now, we are selling to more than 30 countries in the world, we will be your Friendly Cooperarion Partners.


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